Magic Bus is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, registered with the IRS.

Transparency is one of the core pillars of Magic Bus and something we use to help build resilient relationships with all of our stakeholders. Within the organization, we uphold this value by utilizing sound accounting practices and ensuring that the communities in which we work have full access to any information they seek.

Magic Bus Operating Costs
Our mentorship-based model operates on economies of scale and leverages existing infrastructure.

  • One child can be sponsored for a full year for $25
  • One community program can be sponsored for $1,250

The direct program cost as per the latest audited statement of accounts is INR 18.18 crores. We have a direct program expenditure of 87%, an administrative expenditure of 9.4% and a fundraising expenditure of 3.6%.

Magic Bus USA 990 Tax Returns

2013 – 990-EZ and CA 199
2012 – 990-EZ and CA 199
2011 – 990 and CA 199
2010 – 990-EZ and CA 199

Magic Bus India Foundation Audited Statement of Accounts

2013-14 – Audited Financials
2012-13 – Audited Financials
2011-12 – Audited Financials
2010-11 – Audited Financials

Magic Bus Annual Reports

2013-14 – Annual Report
2012-13 – Annual Report
2011-12 – Annual Report
2010-11 – Annual Report