5th Annual Magic Bus Benefit Gala | Houston

Houston Gala 2019

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1st Annual Magic Bus Benefit Gala | New Jersey

MagicBus New Jersey 1th

4th Annual Magic Bus Benefit Gala (Houston, TX)

MagicBus Houston 4th

3rd Annual Magic Bus Gala | Houston

3rd Annual Magic Bus Gala | Houston

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2nd Annual Magic Bus Gala | New York City

Magic Bus Gala | New York City | September 21, 2016

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A bright future for Magic Bus’ Nikhitha & Sangita

When Nikhitha was 12 years old, her parents pulled her out of school and decided their only daughter would get married. As farmers dependent on a favorable monsoon season, the year’s poor rainfall forced them to make this decision. This

An experiential adventure for Team BioUrja!

Magic Bus sessions are not only valuable for children and youth, but have a lasting impact on adults too. On a recent trip to India, the BioUrja team spent a day at the Magic Bus Center, a 22-acre residential campus

Volunteer experiences: A magical afternoon with the children of Magic Bus


by:  Aman Patel The experience in this post is Aman’s. Aman is a 19-year-old from Houston, Texas who is currently studying at the University of Texas, Austin. He recently visited Mumbai where he spent an afternoon at a Magic Bus session. I

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Duke Diya’s Awaaz and Magic Bus

Awaaz Magic Bus

by:  Vinay Nagaraj Awaaz was held on the nights of October 31st and November 1st this year, and I can say with certainty that it was tremendously successful on both occasions. The various performances and skits that were showcased made

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My Journey with Magic Bus – from Mumbai to Duke University


by:  Vinay Nagaraj, Student at Duke University The last few summers, I had always made it a point to do community service of some sort. Not only do I enjoy giving back to the community, but I also find it

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