EDUCATION: 76.6% of children from the Magic Bus program attend school 5 days a week. Taking part in the Magic Bus sessions significantly reduces a child’s chances of dropping out of school. Magic Bus children finish school all the way up to Grade 12. Moreover, 71% of our children go on to college, against a national average of 9%!

BETTER HEALTH: 96% of Magic Bus children wash their hands before they eat, an essential habit that goes a long way towards disease prevention. This statistic stands at 38% nationally. A Magic Bus child knows more about healthy behavior and practices to keep himself/herself disease-free and nourished. They practice good personal hygiene, fitness, sanitation, nutrition, disease prevention, and sexual/reproductive behavior.

GENDER EQUALITY: 95.7% of adolescent girls, 11 years and above, attending Magic Bus sessions go to school. Nationally, only 1% of girls in India reach 12th grade. A Magic Bus child is more aware of gender equity and rights.

LEADERSHIP IN ACTION: 8,000 youth give 2 hours on average every week to change their community. Magic Bus youth show greater commitment towards resolving local issues by leading action at the local level.

BETTER LIVELIHOODS: 37.3% of Magic Bus volunteers are working. 71.4% of our youth have completed 12th grade and are attending college. A Magic Bus child is more likely to select a dignified livelihood option.