The girls from Magic Bus are growing up and they are graduating high school. Because their families are from marginalized communities, they do not have the same level of access to government services, education or jobs as the majority of Indians.

Magic Bus and the Global Give Back Circle have formed a partnership to provide 1,200 Magic Bus girls, with the resources they need to make the successful transition from secondary school into the world of gainful employment.

This ambitious objective is achievable through an innovative process that incorporates 21st Century skills, tertiary education qualifications, mentorship, give back ethos embedding and access to the kind of commercial networks that enable at-risk girls to break the cycle of poverty. The process also incorporates innovative approaches to the monetization of private sector engagement as a sustainability component of the solution.

The Global Give Back Circle is one of the pioneering Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitments for girls and started in Kenya in 2006 with ten girls and ten mentors. Today, it is the largest gender-based tertiary education, mentorship and employment readiness program for at-risk girls in Kenya, with over six hundred girls and six hundred mentors. USAID, the MasterCard Foundation and over twenty private sector organisations have increased initial program investment (seed money) from $350,000 in 2008 to over $8,000,000 in 2014. This successful CGI Commitment is now expanding to India and many of the private sector organizations partnering in the commitment in Kenya wish to get involved at a local level in India. Organizations such as Microsoft, KPMG, Citi, Nestle, Deloitte, Intel, GM, PwC, Toyota and Johnson & Johnson wish to partner through the provision of scholarships, mentors, internships and jobs.

At scale, the cost to mentor a girl, fund her higher education, equip her with 21st century skills and critical life skills and provide all necessary support to ensure she does not fall through the cracks totals $2,500/year. Donors affiliated with employer charitable donation matching programs can educate India’s next generation of teachers, health workers, engineers, community development workers, business women etc. for $1,250/year or less.

This Fund will require an investment of $100,000 and will encompass three major initiatives.

• It will support a Pilot Program for 20 girls that will provide tuition, fee, training, and personalized mentors from
private sector to each girl to best position her for success in fulfilling her highest potential.
• Magic Bus and Global Give Back Circle will canvas India’s Private Sector Community, and apply ‘partnership’
acquisition, retention and growth strategies to galvanize the investment needed for sustainable program
• Provide India with a running gender-based program that can be leveraged with institutional funders to allow for a
successful scale-up to reach 1,200 girls over the next five years.

As part of the first “Magic Bus Women’s Scholar Fund”, donors will:
• Receive quarterly updates on the personal journeys of the twenty girls.
• Receive quarterly updates on the progress of the private sector acquisition strategy.
• Receive an impact study of the lessons learned in the pilot that will be applied to scale-up.
• Be asked to provide skills and talent in areas where they have expertise relevant to the program.
• Receive guidance on the ‘how to’ of long distance mentoring (if humanitarian is also a mentor).

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