At Magic Bus, our objective is to break the poverty cycle, one child at a time. Magic Bus equips some of India’s poorest children and youth with the skills and knowledge to grow up and be successful, to move out of poverty, and to take control of their future. These ‘life-skills’—which range from education and gender equality to health and employability—are taught by youth leaders from the communities themselves, supported and trained through Magic Bus’ unique mentorship program. Through its network of more than 8,000 youth trainers, Magic Bus accompanies children on their journey from childhood to livelihood to help them grow up, and become successful and participating members of their communities.

Setting the Context

Today, there are still 60 million more Indians living in poverty than 20 years ago—many of these are children and youth. Over the coming decades, without support, this generation will certainly miss out on opportunities for meaningful employment; but also much more—they will miss their chance to fulfil their own ambitions and dreams, the opportunity to build and participate in an India of their choosing, and the rights and opportunities true citizenship affords.

What We Do

Our program begins when a child is 7 years old, follows their journey through childhood and aims to create confident youth, ready for jobs or higher education opportunities. We foster young adults to deliver our program and become role models and mentors for the children.

Both the young adults who work with us as volunteers, as well as the children, come from the same communities, enabling a relationship that is both close and constant. The young adults are trained to deliver the activity-based curricula we have pioneered, to bring about changes in behaviors and practices. They work to promote gender equality, improve access to education and health services, as well as on developing a child’s social and emotional skills. Their other key role is to work with the child’s support structure: parents, the community at large, and local institutions to ensure the change we make results in social, emotional, and economic well-being for all children living in that area.

The program we deliver has strong grounding in academic research and is based on classical learning theories. Sporting activities and games are structured into each session to make them fun and appealing to our children. Sessions are designed to represent real-life situations and challenges so children are able to relate these back to their daily lives.

Watch a Magic Bus session in action: